After Hypnotherapy

You should be feeling wide awake – either bursting with energy, or quite mellow and relaxed. Which, will depend on a multitude of factors such as the style of Hypnotherapy used, length and depth of trance, etc. Because being in a trance is so beneficial for our mind and body, afterwards we may feel either refreshed and rejuvenated or very settled and relieved. The Hypnotherapist may give you a recording as support and arrange follow-up sessions with you.
Many Hypnotherapists can substantially improve your life in just one or two sessions, whereas some will insist on multiple sessions. Some Hypnotherapists will offer you a fixed number of sessions for a specific issue when you initially contact them, or suggest a number that you may require. Soon after your trance, the Hypnotherapist’s suggestions may still have some effect, so if in any doubt as to the necessity for extra or multiple sessions, then this is not the time to discuss them. Take the time afterwards to decide how much assistance you’ve already gotten from Hypnotherapy and how much better it could be with more visits.