Common Styles of Hypnotherapy:

There are two main styles of Hypnotherapy: Suggestive Hypnotherapy and Analytical Hypnotherapy. Many Hypnotherapists have developed their own individual combinations and variations on these styles – and offer excellent therapy for either a broad range, or specialized fields within their Hypnotherapy practice.


Suggestive Hypnotherapy:

This generally involves gathering information from you about your problems and the ways you want to improve them. The Hypnotherapist will ask you questions about causes, effects and expectations, induce a light to medium trance state and then present your subconscious with deliberately constructed suggestions to assist you to make progress. There may be no need for you to speak during this style of Hypnotherapy. Generally you will be sitting or lying in a relaxed state listening to the Hypnotherapist speak about you overcoming your obstacles. You will probably be relatively aware of everything being spoken to you as you enjoy the relaxed feelings.


Analytical Hypnotherapy:

This style of Hypnotherapy usually involves the use of a procedure referred to as “regression”. Put simply, regression is “remembering past events that are locked in your subconscious”. Sometimes an event in your past that has been long “forgotten” can still have an impact on your present, and by accessing your “memory banks” the Hypnotherapist (with your help) can often modify that memory, so it has less negative effects on your present and future. The depth of trance for this procedure is often (but not essentially) somewhat deeper and the levels of awareness may fluctuate as you “relive” certain memories. Regressive Hypnotherapy will usually involve conversation between you and the Hypnotherapist. 
Important note: “Memories” recovered during regressive techniques, may be fact, but they may also be fantasy – with little or no way of distinguishing one from the other. Sometimes the recollections may be a mixture of the two – influenced by attitudes, thoughts and other experiences. Rarely are they absolute memories and provable. So, if you are seeking analytical therapy to uncover past abuses, with a view to prosecution, then you should consult a very experienced Hypnotherapist.