Hypnotherapists Code of Ethics

• A professional Hypnotherapist must conduct business in a responsible and respectable manner.

• A professional Hypnotherapist must recognise and uphold an obligation to the well-being of the client at all times.

• A professional Hypnotherapist must always practice techniques and procedures in accordance with appropriate training and experience.

• A Professional Hypnotherapist will ensure his/her own professional development by undertaking regular on-going training.

• A professional Hypnotherapist must maintain safe and hygienic premises of practice.

• A professional Hypnotherapist will not offer any guarantee as to the effectiveness or outcome of any treatment.

• A professional Hypnotherapist will always keep a client’s personal details private, unless required to divulge that information by law, or when any person may be at risk in any way.

This Code of Ethics should be displayed in a prominent position in the Hypnotherapy Clinic, within easy viewing distance of all who enter the premises.

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