What to expect when visiting a Hypnotherapist:

You should expect to be treated with respect and dignity as with any health professional. You will likely be asked to complete a questionnaire about your reason(s) for the Hypnotherapy consultation, a few personal details and some medical history. Most Hypnotherapists will only see you concerning any serious medical issue after referral from your doctor or specialist. While every therapist will have different procedures and methods of beginning the consultation, it is important that you feel safe and comfortable at all times and that you and the Hypnotherapist gain a rapport together that will later assist during the therapeutic evaluation and intervention.

Some therapists may seek “permission to touch” but will generally restrict any such touching to hands, arms, shoulders or head. Nowadays, most professional Hypnotherapists (especially those who trained with Hypnosis New Zealand) will choose absolutely no physical contact with you, other than a handshake at the start and finish of your Hypnotherapy consultation. Remember, you always have a choice about any touching and if you have every right to decline any request from your Hypnotherapist – and that should have little or no effect on the outcome of your treatment.